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Olive Grove Financial Aged Care Advice

Making Your Retirement Planning Simple


Tailored Financial Guidance for Aged Care

Olive Grove Financial makes financial advice easy. Our plans are custom-made just for you, especially when you’re looking at aged care and retirement planning.


We know it’s a significant step. That’s why we’re here to help you and your family feel secure and informed every step of the way. Our experts offer personal advice that fits your unique situation like a glove.

We Know Aged Care

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Straightforward Help Through Financial Mazes

We get it, financial matters can be tricky, especially when it involves aged care for yourself or your loved ones. That’s where we come in. Olive Grove Financial is committed to making things as straightforward as possible.


We’ll guide you through the complex bits, answer all your questions in plain English, and help you make sense of your options. Our goal? To make sure you feel confident and clear about the financial decisions you’re making.

Keep it Simple:


We believe in keeping things simple. Our language is free of jargon, making it easy for everyone to understand. Our approach ensures that financial advice isn’t just for those in the know, but for everyone who needs it. With Olive Grove Financial, you’re in safe hands, getting advice that’s clear, straightforward, and tailored just for you.

We are here when you need us.
One time fee for Aged Care Financial Advice.

Why Trust Olive Grove Financial Advice
With Your Financial Future?

Your Trusted Partner in Aged Care Financial Planning​.

Choosing Olive Grove Financial means partnering with a team that’s truly on your side. For over 20 years, we've been giving Australians expert advice on aged care and retirement, making it easier for them.We built our approach on trust, understanding, and a genuine desire to positively impact your life.

Expert Advice, Tailored for You​.

Every person's journey to and through retirement is unique. That's why our services are as diverse as the needs of the families we support. We design financial plans tailored to you, giving clear advice on aged care choices. We aim to make sure your plans match your goals perfectly. Our advisers are not only finance experts but also caring people. They listen to understand your needs and give you advice that fits just right.

Nationwide Reach, Local Understanding​.

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, along with online meetings, let us share our expertise all over Australia. Wherever you are, our experienced financial advisers are ready to help. We know the financial scene, both locally and across Australia.

A Holistic Approach to Financial Security.

At Olive Grove Financial Advices, we believe in a holistic approach to financial planning. We consider all aspects of your life and how they intersect with your financial goals. This comprehensive perspective means we look beyond the numbers to understand what truly matters to you and your family. We actively reduce care fees, boost pension benefits, and ensure your loved ones receive the best care, bringing you peace of mind.

Proven Track Record of Success.

Our commitment to excellence is clear from our many satisfied clients and their success. We've made finances more secure and retirement planning easier for hundreds of Australians. Our passion and expertise have earned us trust as advisers in aged care financial planning.

Ready to Take the Next Step? 

Embarking on your retirement journey or navigating aged care options can be straightforward. With Olive Grove Financial, you have a partner who’s ready to guide you through every decision with empathy, expertise, and a focus on your well-being. Contact us to talk about your future. We'll show you how we can simplify your financial planning.

How Financial Advisers specialising in aged care and pension can make a difference in achieving your retirement goals.

Personalised Aged Care Financial Advice

Deploy a financial planning
strategy with full insights and protect your family's well-being

Your financial advice will include the development of a payment structure to cover aged care arrangements.


We include long-term mapping of various financial scenarios; including renting or selling the family home,  and specialist investment solutions so you can make informed decisions.


We will implement your financial structure with ease, and do the leg work for you!

We take care of implementing the program including administration and execution that includes submission of relevant paperwork [and phone calls] to various groups including Centrelink.


We take the hassle out of the execution phase, so you can take care of the important things.


You can move forward with confidence that our expert team are here to navigate the process for you.

Making Financial Planning Straightforward

Tailored Advice for Aged Care Finances


At Olive Grove Financial, we're experts in customising financial advice for aged care needs. We dive deep to understand your situation, ensuring our guidance fits your life perfectly. Our aim? To help you make smart, informed choices about aged care, maximizing your financial resources in the process.

Handling the Paperwork for You


Dealing with forms and administrative tasks can be daunting. That's where we step in. Our team takes care of submissions to organisations like Centrelink and manages all the necessary documents for aged care placements, allowing you to concentrate on what's most important to you and your family.

Building a Solid Financial Foundation


Looking ahead is key in financial planning. Our financial advisors create plans for your urgent needs, like aged care costs, and for future concerns, like your home's future. Our comprehensive planning ensures your financial security today and in the future.

Ensuring You Benefit from Every Entitlement


It is important to us that you benefit fully from your financial assets and entitlements. We work hard to identify savings opportunities, reduce aged care expenses, and enhance your overall financial standing. Through strategic planning, our goal is to significantly lessen your financial strain.

Ongoing Support and Advice


Adjusting to changes in financial circumstances involves more than just numbers; it’s about adapting to new life situations. Olive Grove Financial is by your side, ready with support and guidance whenever you need it. Our commitment is to provide clarity and confidence as you navigate these changes.

Realising Your Retirement Dreams


Retirement should be a time of fulfilment and joy. We match our financial planning to your dreams, so you can follow your interests and spend quality time with family. Olive Grove Financial’s role is to make sure your retirement plans are not just sustainable but truly rewarding.

Begin with Olive Grove Financial


Looking for clarity in financial planning for aged care and retirement? Olive Grove Financial actively provides straightforward and empathetic advice and solutions. Reach out today to find out how we can help you secure a confident and comfortable future for you and your family.

We are here when you need us.
One time fee for Aged Care Financial Advice.

Aged Care Financial Advice - FAQ’s

One of our most frequently asked questions is: “what will aged care cost?”

Watch our short video below to learn all about it.

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