Maximise Your Age
Pension With The Right Financial Structure

The Cost of Retirement

Increasing life expectancies and inflation can make it tricky to estimate how much income you'll need for your retirement. That's why the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia put together a guide for how much you might need.


A comfortable lifestyle in retirement includes items such as leisure activities, private health insurance and holidays – but everyone's lifestyle is different, so you should take into account your own goals and expenses.


As well as paying for things you enjoy doing, remember to budget for the day-to-day expenses, like utility bills, as well as larger expenses such as upgrading cars and renovations.

We can take the stress out of organising your Age Pension, by simplifying this process and providing the right level of support. We will work with you to develop a financial structure to maximise your entitlements.

 Eliminate the frustration of dealing with Centrelink.
We will develop a financial structure and implement it with ease.



$62,828 pa

Cost of a comfortable lifestyle

$37,341 pa

Maximum Age Pension and  Pension Supplement



$44,412 pa

Cost of a comfortable lifestyle

$24,770 pa

Maximum Age Pension and Pension Supplement

Source: The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia 'ASFA Retirement Standard', June quarter 2018. Figures quoted are for homeowners. Age Pension rates are current as at 1 July 2018.

How We Can Help You


Reduce Stress

Our goal is to make the process stress-free,
providing you with the information and financial
mapping you need to make informed financal
choices; that will benefit you long into your future.


Maximise Your Returns

We will develop a financial structure that will
help to increase your Age Pension entitlements
and free up cash to do the things that you want.


Save Time

We will do all of the leg work to setup your structure
and Age Pension including the completion of complex Centrelink paperwork, and conducting all follow-up phone calls where required. This alone can take days!


Financial Freedom

Through careful planning of your Age Pension structure, you can reap the rewards for the rest of your life. And secure the financial future of generations to come.

Planning your Retirement

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We have helped more than a thousand families plan for their aged care and age pension plan.